How To Write A Unique And Attractive Content?

By Marym Date: July 11, 2019

Do you feel like you are unable to attract your readers? Is your website traffic decreasing even though you update it regularly? Why is it happening?

Perhaps you are unable to provide your readers with what they are looking for. To tackle this situation, you must try to write different and unique content. 

Content is the most critical part of your website. It helps to build a concept about the quality and significance of your work. One must avoid the sin of plagiarism as it also acts as a fuel for marketing and promotion of your business. So, one should pay maximum attention to the quality of the content.

Let’s have a look at specific reasons why our content should be unique and synchronized?


  • Content educates your audience


Education is the first step to decide whether the content is suitable for the customer or not. Content may be in the form of blogs, product pages, home pages, tutorials, and reviews. So, write an engaging and targeted content which can help educate your users or customers about the offerings.


  • Content should be attractive 


Try to write persuasive and appealing content to write killer sales copy. Like, optimizing your content to appear in relevant searches will increase your chances of getting maximum leads for your website.

But how can you write content that is attractive enough and can educate your audience? Have a look at some of the “tricks” for writing a well-formed and unique and quality content that can work wonders.


  • Writing should reflect your perspective 


Your personal experience profoundly matters in this field. Your aim should be apparent in your writings. For example, your idea about anything that you cover in your slot must be straightforward and easy to understand.



When writing, focus on the quality of content instead of quantity. One well-written article of a few hundred words is much better than a poorly written article of a few thousand words. Means, your content should be in-depth, it should cover as many topics as possible. For example, if you are writing on “Lifestyle of Hamsters” than it should contain all the details of its types, feeding behavior, its habitat and all that. But you must not deviate from the topic or exaggerate unnecessarily. 


  • Ideas should be general 


It is the best way to keep your ideas general and periodic. Because the understanding of ideas is the most complicated thing today, yet it enhances the worth of your content. For example, “John bought some bread, milk, cheese, fruit, potato chips, and bun.” The same sentence could also be written as “John bought some groceries.” When reading, which sentence would you prefer? The latter one, of course. Simple and precise!

You also may like to polish your writing skills.


  • Selection of the topic for your content 


You should be well familiar with the interest and choice of your target readers. This will definitely increase your content’s ranking. What you have to do is that, 

  • Make a list of topics in bunches 
  • Try to pick that topic which occupies the highest ranking on social media


  • Do not rely on a writing software  


Writing softwares have some limitations like when you are using an outdated program of spell checker; then their suggestions might not recognize new words. If you are writing an article on “brain lesions” but mistakenly you have spelled legions then the spell checker would be unable to highlight or auto correct this mistake.


  • Give maximum time to proofreading – Try Free Tools


Proofreading is the only way which ensures the originality or value of your work before submitting or publishing it. It also refines your proofreading skills, which you need to become a real writer.

So, when you are writing something, give as much time to read, as you can. It will increase your concentration on the content. The best way of proofreading your content is to take breaks and then reread your material and must check plagiarism to be sure of being unique. It helps you to come back to it with fresh eyes. You will notice over glanced errors in your first sitting.


  • Avoid Weak Writings


Using uncertain language and passive voice are the two common mistakes of writing. Focus on the direct command in your writings, which will help you to engage the readers directly in your writings with effecting content marketing (avoid using may, maybe, hope, wish, try, but and perhaps). Instead, use primary and direct words (like will and can) in your descriptions. 

Your readers come to you for the knowledge and expertise they want, always remember to be precise and straightforward in your writings. In this way, you can bring maximum engagement and ratings for your content.