The Sin of Plagiarism: A Serious Menace in Academia

By Marym Date: July 26, 2019

You may have heard that plagiarism is a wrong impression for your content. Some people copy and paste other’s data directly from their websites, but Google is stringent and straightforward in its actions. One would have to face the penalty for Google’s Rules and Regulation. 

Plagiarism is a grave issue for the website owners as well as for the writers. Anyone can bring a slight change in your content and entitle it as their own. The web is developing on the honesty and hard work of the people who construct quality content daily. But the hackers are discouraging the efforts of such people and prove themselves a significant obstacle in the way of making killer sales copy or creating new web content. 

Meanwhile, this sin is getting very popular in schools, colleges, and universities where students are finding many shortcuts to make their work easy. Teachers are observing many students who copy and paste their assignments directly from the internet instead of understanding them, consciously. They are unfamiliar with the fact that they are committing a severe crime.


Why do students choose to plagiarize?

Mostly, students are deficient of skills, which are essential to search online. They choose to select copy and paste option for the content available on the web, which makes it quite comfortable to complete their tasks in a very short time. Many students lack the ability to understand high scientific explanations and vocabulary. Hence, instead of being familiar with those understanding, they choose the easy path of plagiarism. 


It’s the time to interrupt

Now, it is time to overcome this evil. Teachers should strictly abandon such common practices of plagiarism when they come across them. Lack of interest in studies and social networking is also the reason due to which students choose to plagiarize. Plagiarism checker could play a vital role to check for uniqueness and duplicate content. What they have to do is:


  • Spread Awareness about plagiarism


Teachers must ask students about the concept of cheating and relate this concept to plagiarism. Students must be aware of the basics of plagiarism like what is it and why to steer clear of it? They must be familiar with the online tool “Plagiarism Checker,” which quickly identified those who plagiarized from the internet. The teacher can show the demo to the students by picking up a fragment of their writing and put it in this online tool on the Search Engine.


  • Risks of re-writing and re-phrasing content


When the students know that they are at risk, they start rephrasing certain words with the synonyms in their text. They are always so keen to get their work done that they will even choose online paraphrasing tools to rewrite other’s content and use it as their own. 


  • Quote your content 


Students must be visible and straightforward in their writings. Essential tools for writers are available online, which can be use to write free of any plagiarized content. Tell your students to carefully check their content for plagiarism before submitting it to the class.

The above steps are essential for writing unique content. If these steps are followed by the teachers and students as well as any writer, then they can get rid of this vast menace named “Plagiarism.”