4 Essentials Tools For Writers – Amazingly Free

By Marym Date: July 4, 2019

Many people have a delusion that content writing is not a laborious job, and anyone can become a writer by just grabbing a pen and paper. The worst nightmare for writers is a blank page in front of them, and it can burst the emotions of writers into inextinguishable flames. Most of the writers start pulling their hair to come up with a catchy title or headline. And that is the reason a writer seems to be the most depressing creature on this planet. But a real spark can become the motivation to overcome all the obstacles. 

If you proclaim yourself to be a writer and at the same time, you commit the sin of plagiarism or look for some writing tools, don’t you feel Guilty? 

Just Kidding!

Well, even professional writers need tools to enhance the quality of content to make it more engaging, as it is highly important to make sale conversions. If you lack the ability to persuade the reader, there are chances that you will not be able to generate leads that can be converted into potential sales.  

But there are many seasoned writers, and for the sake of motivation and encouragement, they have to use writing tools that can make their work more appealing and error-free. It’s strenuous to strike on the keyboard and to move the cursor of your mouse to create new variations in the writing style. 

Developing Effective Content Marketing Schemes can be arduous, and you might not be able to identify errors. But, writing tools can help you in the formation of your storyline, to exclude irrelevant words, simplify sentence structure, and a lot more. 

You can find plenty of writing tools that make your copy more appealing, engaging, and persuasive. Let’s have a look at these tools that can blow your mind. 


Grammar Checker – A Content Nourishment Tool 

Proofreading your content by using an efficient grammar checker tool, you can handle stupid mistakes. It can make your content error-free and impeccable. You can find free tools and pro versions as well. But there are some cons as well. Such as the tools can get confused with multiple verbs used in sentences, and give an irrelevant alternate to words as well. 


Spell Checker – An ultimate Writing Tool 

MS Word has distorted our spellings, and it’s due to its auto-correct feature. But, if you are not using Microsoft Word, there is a chance that you will be likely to make spelling mistakes. So, for that reason, you can use a good spell checker tool available over the web to eliminate spelling mistakes. 


Free Plagiarism Checker – Produce Bona Fide Content 

Plagiarism checker is an amazing tool. It happens most of the times with writers when they are researching to write on a topic, some phrases stick to their mind, and unintentionally they replicate those phrases. It happens when a writer is writing on the same topic for a while. But you must be aware that either plagiarism is intentional or unintentional, it won’t be acceptable at any cost. So, to identify and exclude any such sentences, you can use plagiarism detector. 


Article Paraphraser – Play with Words 

Many writers sometimes get fed-up of writing content continuously and start to get frustrated. If you feel the same way, then article paraphraser can prove to be the best tool for you. All you need is to grab an article and paste it in the tool it will rephrase everything for you. In the end, you will have just to proofread the article to eliminate any contextual or grammatical errors. 

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As mentioned previously, it is not an easy task to become a writer overnight. You have to work hard to make your content appealing. Well, I believe if you are not good at imagination and thinking skills, you can’t be a good writer. If you can think clearly, you will become probably a better writer. Writers usually experience headache, so if you feel the same way, you need to take a break and get back to your work with a fresh approach. It will revitalize your skills. 

Lastly, read everything you find over the web or anywhere else; it will let you know about different writing styles and expressions, which will surely enhance your crafting ability.