Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Plagiarism

Using free Plagiarism Checker is a piece of cake, no rocket science involved, no lengthy process, just a few clicks and you are good to go. No matter if you are a layman, with only the basic knowledge about internet our user-interface is simple, easy to understand and use. There are two simple ways to Check for Plagiarism. Following is a simple step to step guide to use Plagiarism Checker:

By inserting a Document

  1. Click on browse (a window will open)
  2. Go to the destination, where you have saved your document
  3. Select the document and click on open
  4. Click on attach
  5. Once document is uploaded, click on search to scan document for plagiarism
By Copy/Paste

Once you click on search, results will appear within a few seconds. Plagiarism detector uses Red and Green colors to denote plagiarized and non plagiarized content respectively. So if green color appears it indicates that the inserted text is plagiarism-free and if it turns red it means the text is plagiarized. Our free tool also shows the possible sources where from the plagiarized text has been copied, allowing our customers the ease to edit the plagiarized content and make it plagiarism-free. If you want to check a new document or text click on clear to wipe out the pasted text or inserted file to insert/paste new document/ text. The word limit in a single plagiarism search is 1000 words.