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Try our free English grammar check tool to bring perfection in your writings by analyzing grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. The user-friendly interface of this spelling and grammar check facility allows you to find the grammar-related mistakes in no time.

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How to Check Grammar for Free?

You have to follow some simple steps to check the grammatical errors in your writing.


Enter the text in the given box or upload your text file by clicking the given button. You can also upload the file from your cloud storage by tapping the upload button.


Click on the “Check Grammar” button to start the process.


Results will be shown in a few seconds as soon as the grammar and spell check procedure is completed.

What’s Inside?

Accurate Results

Single Click Proofread

The unique features and super-friendly interface of our online grammar checker enable you to examine any content with a single click and detect errors instantly. You can rectify all grammatical errors in your content by taking the assistance of given suggestions straightaway.

Grammar Check

100% Free

The English corrector online we are offering doesn’t require any premium account. You can detect spelling or grammatical mistakes in your writing without spending a single penny by using this free grammar check facility.


Multiple Input Methods

You can enter the text through multiple options. Either copy paste the content in the text box or upload your text file from your device directly. We also provide the facility to upload it from the cloud-based storage drives with a single tap.


Terminology & Word Choice

The online grammar check service we are offering will scan your uploaded content and detect all errors in a matter of instance. You will also get suggestions for better synonyms against different words that will make your content inspiring and appealing.


Fix Punctuations

Punctuations are the critical elements in writing that enhance an article’s readability and help readers understand it effectively. Our grammar check utility can fix all punctuation errors and uplift its understandability.


Supports Multiple Languages

This online grammar checker not only helps you find the grammatical errors in English writing but also supports numerous other languages. You can examine the mistakes in the writing of the following languages.

Shortcomings of Manual Proofreading


Human Error Possible

Writing is a strenuous job that requires a great amount of time and concentration. Proofreading is the major portion that ensures that the content you have created is free from all sorts of mistakes. However, there are many complexities attached to the proofreading process. A deep concentration and knowledge about the grammatical structure of the language is essential to detect any error in the writing. Still, the chances of getting the best results are quite minimal, as there can be a possibility of human errors in the process. Alternatively, a grammar checker or English corrector scans your content on your behalf and gives you 100% guaranteed error detection in a matter of seconds.

Time Consumption

The process of finding errors or spelling mistakes in an article may consume a lot of your energy and time. A proofreader needs to go through all the content itself, which needs great mental effort, especially if the text is large. But, you can turn to our online grammar checker to get the fastest results. This sentence structure checker proofreads your content in a few instances without requiring any manual efforts. The complete history and evolution of the Grammar check tool is amazing how it is being continuously improved just to facilitate the writers.


Weak Language Skills

Writing in a non-native language can become strenuous for people, as they might not have enough time to master their grammar and sentence structure skills. People go through severe hassles when they are asked to create content in a language in which they are not proficient enough. Also, it is quite strenuous for a person to proofread the content of a language that he doesn’t have a strong command of. Proofreading content in a language that is not your mother tongue can be hard, and you may miss a number of errors while going through it because of less knowledge about the grammatical structure.

Our English grammar check is a great assistance for all individuals who are facing problems due to weak language skills. No matter in what language your content is, this grammar and punctuation check can handle it very well.

Proofread with the Sentence Structure Checker

To ensure that your final draft is squeaky-clean and error-free, you have the option to use this sentence grammar check. We have developed this free online grammar checker with the help of Artificial intelligence and NLP. That's why advanced text reading bots don’t overlook minor mistakes..


Common Errors Identified by Spell and Grammar Check

Below are typical mistakes most of the writers commit while drafting their content.

All in One Package is a single platform that can handle all your writing-related issues and assist you in creating a unique and inspiring article. The tools you can find on our site are mentioned below.


Plagiarism Checker

Besides grammar check, you can also find out the duplication in your content with this online utility. The smart plagiarism checker this site offers has the capability to detect any minor piracy in your writing and gives you reliable results within a few glimpses. You don’t need to switch among different tools to check grammatical errors and plagiarism in your article, as you can find all the utilities on our single platform.


Paraphrasing Tool

Are you in need of exclusive articles in a short span? We have covered you! The paraphrasing tool on this facility provides you with an opportunity to rewrite an article without typing a single word. Simply upload a piece of text on this tool, and get fresh and high-quality content in a matter of few seconds.


Spelling and Grammar Check

The english grammar corrector allows you to grab all the spelling and grammatical errors in a text without going through all your writing yourself. Once you enter the content on this spell check tool, it will scan it, highlight all the grammatical or spelling.



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