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Our AI-Powered plagiarism detector assists you in detecting plagiarism in blogs, academic assignments, and websites. This super-fast tool allows you to find duplication with a few taps on your device straightaway. It goes through the ProQuest databases and over billions of webpages to check plagiarism in real-time and provides you the most accurate and free report with percentage.

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How To Check Plagiarism?

This online plagiarism checker allows you to run a plagiarism test by following a group of organized steps, which are:

1-Enter the URL of the file/page.

2-Paste content in a box.


4-Upload the file from your computer OR cloud

5-Hit the
“Check Plagiarism” button

6-Plagiarism Report is ready

What does our Plagiarism Detector have to Offer?

Accurate Results

100% Accurate Results

Uses ProQuest databases

Scans thousands of web sources

Provides real time results

Catches minor signs of Plagiarism

Makes you 100% sure about copyrights

Grammar Check

Grammar Check

Not only serves as a plagiarism checker

Advanced grammar check facility

finds all the grammatical mistakes

All in one package for writing issues

Provides you error-free content


Word Counter

No need to search for word counter

A single platform to fulfill all writing needs

Facilitates to find the number of words

Just turn it on from toggle

Counting words & characters instantly

Supports Multiple Formats

Supports Multiple Formats

Plagiarism checker takes content by 3 methods

Either upload from device OR cloud

Simply paste it in the box

Support multiple file formats

.rtf, .pdf, .docx, .odt, txt

Download Report

Download Report

Get a comprehensive report quickly

Gathers all essential information of citation

Keenly mentions the Sources of duplication

Downloadable and ready to use

Available in Word or PDF format

Colour Distinction

Colour Distinction

Copyright checker with colour distinction

Highlights duplicate content in red

Unique sentences appeared under green colour

Presents results in easiest way possible

Percentages of both are mentioned specifically


24/7 Availability

Totally web-based plagiarism detector

Accessible around the globe

Use anywhere & anytime you want

Compatible with Mac, Windows & Android

Free Plagiarism Checker for everyone

Paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing tool

Equipped with plagiarism remover utility

An AI-Based Paraphrasing tool

Which can completely wipe-out the duplication

Generate fresh chunk of content is an instant

Available for download or further edit

Working of our Plagiarism Checker


1 The job of this plagiarism scanner is to look for your piece of work on the internet which is better than manually looking for your content over search engines. A copyright detector or free plagiarism checker can go through every database and deeply scan each phrase to report even minor traces of duplication.

2 After the plagiarism test is completed, the similarity checker will compile the results in a very understandable manner. Duplicated and unique sentences are highlighted in different colours along with the percentage of plagiarism. We have implemented a colour-coding scheme so that users can easily differentiate between plagiarized and fresh content.

3 Working does not end here, this tool is an amazing online plagiarism checker with reports. All the sources of plagiarized sentences are provided so that you can have a detailed review of the citation where duplicated content is spotted.

4 If you want to learn about how many sites have copied content from yours, let the plagiarism detector online tool which also includes grammar checker, word counter and article rewriter be of some help as all of these are designed to make your content better.

Why and What Falls Under Plagiarism?

Plagiarism Meaning

Plagiarism is stealing someone else’s thoughts, ideas, or information and explaining it in your own words, with or without their permission. The practice of copying others’ information without any acknowledgment is unethical and may lead you to face severe embarrassment before your readers, colleagues, or supervisors.


Types of plagiarism



Self-plagiarism occurs when the writers or researchers duplicate their own content entirely or partially and use it in fresh content. For instance, the writers copy a portion of text from the blogs they have already published online into new articles they are planning to post on another website. If a person is reusing his own writing from published content, he is still committing plagiarism. The penalties against self-plagiarism are similar to any other type of plagiarism. So make it a habit to use a plagiarism checker for all your contents.

Consequences of Plagiarism


For Students

Students who are found guilty of engaging with academic dishonesty may have to face severe consequences. Besides facing embarrassment before the classmates, there are exclusive sanctions like a failure in an exam, reduction of grade, expulsion from the college, suspension from a course, etc., that a plagiarist may have to face. The damages of being caught against plagiarism are high in severity. If a student is caught plagiarizing their academic work, then it will stigmatize their entire academic career. It will be strenuous for such students to gain access to university placement in the future. To avoid such a situation,it is essential to use plagiarism detection software.


For Researchers

The field of research is mainly focused on confidentiality and uniqueness. In research-based professions, plagiarism is taken as an illegal act that leads a researcher towards dangerous personal and professional circumstances. The researchers who are caught plagiarizing the work of other mates will have to face unpleasant situations. Their career may get into dust in no time if it is proved that the research they have made is plagiarized. The accusation of duplication can cruelly damage the reputation and cause loss of research funding and even your job. So it's better to be sure and pass your research paper through a Copyright checker before sending it for publishing.


For Webmasters

Plagiarism is not actually a crime and certainly doesn’t help in ranking your website either, but there is a chance of facing various penalties by Google, as it is a serious ethical-offense. These penalties don’t allow your website to rank until your site starts all over again with unique content and it will take a lot of time to get those penalties removed. You can use the idiom “prevention is better than cure” in this case because you definitely don’t want to get hit by the Google Panda, that’s why plagiarism check is mandatory. Free Plagiarism Checker can assist you in finding similar content on the internet. So, before publishing any material on your site, it is essential to check plagiarism to be sure that there are no sentences or fragments that appear plagiarized.


If there are words that belong to some other website and you wish to use them, then the safest way would be mentioning the source. This will let the search engines know that you haven’t copied and pasted content instead you have quoted a part of some website.

What People Say About Us?


"I have fallen in love with the functionality of this superb online plagiarism checker. It has provided me with the results within no time, and I was able to eradicate plagiarism before submitting my research paper, thanks to the brilliance of this utility."

testimnialDiana Parkinson


"The exceptional service of this plagiarism checker makes it a top choice for me whenever I have to check my content for plagiarism. The results offered by this tool in percentage help me a lot, as the instructors provide us with a minimum acceptable plagiarism percentage."

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"Out of all the duplicate content checkers I have used over the web, this one is truly the best. The user-friendly interface of this tool makes it stand out from the other utilities. I will always choose to check my work for plagiarism with this online portal without any second thought."

testimnialBrian Mendes


"Plagiarism is a plague for all websites, and as a website owner, I have to make sure that no duplication exists in my content before getting it published. Unfortunately, I faced penalties due to the failure of the plagiarism check tools I was using before. But, as I found this tool, I can publish my content with closed eyes by just running it once through this plagiarism test."

testimnialDavid Hudson


"Plagiarism is a plague for all websites, and as a website owner, I have to make sure that no duplication exists in my content before getting it published. Unfortunately, I faced penalties due to the failure of the plagiarism check tools I was using before. But, as I found this tool, I can publish my content with closed eyes by just running it once through this plagiarism test."

testimnialJulia Jackson

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