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The intercy are the rightful owners. Stealing of words, ideas, and copying of others content without their permission is called plagiarism or duplication.

It is not actually a crime and certainly doesn’t help in ranking your website either, but there is a chance of facing various penalties by Google, as it is a serious ethical-offense. These penalties don’t allow your website to rank until your site starts all over again with unique content and it will take a lot of time to get those penalties removed. You can use the idiom “prevention is better than cure” in this case because you definitely don’t want to get hit by the Google Panda, that’s why, plagiarism check is mandatory.

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Duplicate Content Checker

The job of this tool is to look for your piece of work on the internet which is better than manually looking for your content over search engines. A copyright detector or free plagiarism checker can go through every database in a matter of a few seconds. If you want to learn about how many sites have copied content from yours let the content analysis tool be of some help.

There are many ways to avoid duplication one of which is paraphrasing if you are not good at article spinning then you should definitely hire a writer if you care for your websites progress. Unique content is every websites requirement, and if you cannot generate authentic content, then you have lost the key to the door to better rank.

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Most accurate and Free

If you believe someone has copied your work then consider this option based on the following evaluations:

Some duplicate content checker tools work in a different way by ignoring the quoted and cited content, and if your work were somewhere in-between the quotations, it wouldn’t be found. It can search through every database on the internet including the search engines and other websites.

It is plagiarism checker online that everyone can reach from any smartphone or a computer at any time of the day. Adding it to your bookmark if you are a content writer and care for duplication will allow you to get even faster access. It is a tool to check for plagiarism that anyone can use without any sort of basic training, easy and simple – these two words are enough to elaborate its use.

If you have paraphrased an article, then this site can look through all thick and thins, even the smallest sentences to find any plagiarized or content with copyright issue. Sometimes it happens that what you are writing is present somewhere on the internet or you weren’t able to paraphrase correctly.


plagiarism meaning

Since the beginning of internet, information about everything around the globe is easily approachable, but it doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It has some flaws as well, those flaws are in the form of plagiarism, cracking, hacking, concluding, etc. now why do people copy work? There can be many reasons, one of them is people with less knowledge about how the internet works.

Owning a website is not a big deal but maintaining its content is, especially if you care about appearing in SERPs. What is considered plagiarism? Let’s see:

  • Copying someone’s word and using them as your own.
  • Posting content and forget to quote the person the content belongs to.
  • Getting credits for photos that weren’t taken by you or forgetting to tag the photographer’s name. Same goes for the videos as well.
  • The content of sites without paraphrasing or quoting its source.


Copyright Checker

Checking for plagiarism over all the known search engines databases and supports all types of files containing text, especially Microsoft Word and files with .txt extension. You can look for the sources by clicking on the links present in the results to find out where and when was your content published. Any mistakes in words will be highlighted in red which can be corrected if you want to, spelling mistakes are not a headache anymore. It will also let you know the exact number of words present in the content.


It is the most accessible Plagiarism Check you will find over the internet to deal with, all you have to do is follow a group of organized steps, which are:

  • Get started by visiting:
  • When on the main page of the site, you will find a vast text box like the one shown in the picture.

  • This is the text box where you can write your content you wish plagiarism software to look for, or you can copy the text from the file you have and paste it into the box if not then you can follow the step 3.
  • If you are not up for writing or pasting the content in the box you can “Enter URL” or “Upload Files”.

plagiarism checker

  • This is the text box where you can write your content you wish plagiarism software to look for, or you can copy the text from the file you have and paste it into the box if not then you can follow the step 3.
  • If you are not up for writing or pasting the content in the box you can “Enter URL” or “Upload Files”.
  • One is you can enter the URL of the file if it is present somewhere over the internet like a Cloud, or Dropbox, etc. Copyright Checker will fetch your data and run a plagiarism check. Alternatively, you can opt for uploading the file if you have it stored somewhere on your computer. This is the most commonly used option because people typically have files in their computers, they write their content in.
  • When you are done writing or pasting or uploading the content, all you have to do is hit the “Check Plagiarism” button, and the plagiarism checker software will take care of the rest of the stuff for you.

This online plagiarism checker is a free tool means no hidden charges or costs, you can use this text analysis tool freely whenever you want at any time of day or night without even registering to the website. Furthermore, we don’t store or share your content in our database, so there is no need to worry.