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Our paraphrasing tool helps you to generate unique and engaging content by rewriting an existing text without making any effort. This advanced AI-based tool allows you to rewrite articles straightforwardly by following a few easy steps.

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What do we offer?

Different Levels of Paraphrasing

Offers Different modes of Paraphrasing

Simple Mode (Rephrase major words with suitable synonyms)

Advanced Mode (Paraphrase entire content's structure)

Manual Mode (Change words with suggested synonyms by yourself)

Enhance Readability

Scans the text and modifies it with suitable words

Discards all errors in the text

Provides you high-quality content

Uplifts the readability of the text

Grammar Check

No need to find a new tool

Rectify all grammatical mistakes

Multilingual Grammar Check Tool

Squeaky clean content instantly

Device Compatibility

Upload file from any device

Supports Mac devices, smartphones, computers, etc.

No specific device is needed

Works exquisitely on all operating systems

Plagiarism Checker

Be sure about content duplication

Scan before and after paraphrasing

100% Free Plagiarism Checker

Provides detailed report

No Sign ups and Free of cost

Completely Free of cost

No Sign up is required

Allows you to rewrite unlimited files

No restriction to install any software

Supports Multiple Languages

Offers multilingual support

Accurate paraphrasing results in all languages

Supports Spanish, Italian, French, Russian.

Privacy Guaranteed

Offers 100% secure online paraphrasing

Your uploaded files won't be saved anywhere

No third party can access your uploaded file

How Does This Paraphraser Work?

Paste the text you want to rephrase by simply pasting it in the given box. Or, tap on the "Upload" button to enter the textual file on the tool from your device or Dropbox.

Hit the "Paraphrase Text" button to start the process. The tool will scan your uploaded text, rephrase it, and provide you with a better version of the text in a matter of instance.

The high-quality, plagiarism-free, paraphrased content will be displayed on your screen that can be downloaded or copied without any hassle.

4 Effective Techniques of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a vast term that requires the utmost attention and appropriate selection of methods to achieve the desired results. The following four effective techniques of Paraphrasing text enable you to have a better understanding of the term.


The art of Paraphrasing revolves around the possible options to interpret and present already published content in another way. But, the first step, which creates the base for the entire process, is Reading. First, you need to read the text comprehensively to have an appropriate understanding of the information.


Once you have a proper understanding of the text, it's time for you to rephrase it using your words. On that note, ensure that the essence of the content remains constant and shouldn't be changed.


Going through all the rephrased content attentively is essential to ensure that it's free from all sorts of grammatical mistakes. This step also helps you confirm that no important point is missed, and the article contains all the information that it must have.


Paraphrasing text allows you to create inspiring and unique content instantly; still, you need to cite the source or give credit to the actual author to prevent any sort of legal penalties. However, you don't have to give credit to yourself if you are rephrasing your own published content.

What is Paraphrasing and Why Should You Go for it?

Paraphrasing is explaining an idea, thought, or information in your own words that were shared by someone else earlier without changing its actual concept. Rephrasing enables an individual to explain an idea effectively and clearly to the targeted audience. The primary benefits you can enjoy after inclining towards the paraphrasing tool are shared below.

Basically paraphrasing is done to get rid of plagiarism. However it is not the only option there are multiple other methods to avoid duplication and you will not be accused of plagiarism.

No Need to Hire a Professional Writer

Hiring a professional or freelance writer requires a huge amount of money. Many people, especially beginners, find it challenging to invest their capital in taking assistance from a writer. The need to get unique and super quality content can be fulfilled with an advanced paraphrasing tool. You can generate an unlimited number of exclusive articles by using our sentence rewriter.

Saves Time

The conventional method of writing or rephrasing content manually needs extensive time and effort from you. However, the use of our paraphrasing tool will help you save your efforts from writing all the content yourself. A few clicks on your device are enough to generate super-quality content with an online article rewriter.

Get rid of Plagiarism Instantly

Plagiarism is a severe offense that can throw your career and fame in dust in a few instances. The use of paraphrasing tools can help you avoid plagiarism and have a considerable amount of well-crafted content with a few taps. In addition, the content you feel is plagiarized can be turned into an exclusive text with the assistance of our free article rewriter in a matter of few seconds.

Poor Vocabulary

Non-native English writers may find it strenuous to create splendid and catchy content due to poor vocabulary and weak grammar skills. However, you can get rid of weak language issues by trying out our paraphrasing utility which will assist you in converting a conventional text into an extraordinary article. This tool will modify the weak words with strong vocabulary that will make a notable impression on readers.

Better Feedback

Trying this paraphrasing tool is highly useful when you are asked to provide lengthy content in a short span. When your employer asks you to submit a detailed article on a particular topic in a limited time, the use of this article rewriter will help you craft high-quality content and save you from facing embarrassment before your colleagues.

How Paraphrasing Tools Help These Professionals?



As a freelance writer, I need to deliver content on short notice on different topics as per clients' demands. Writing articles about a similar topic is quite strenuous. But, with the help of this paraphrasing tool, I can generate unique content without putting in any hard effort.

testimnialAlia Sharma


I am running a blogging site. Searching for a writer who could provide me with unique and catchy content within a given time had become a nightmare for me. Fortunately, a friend of mine introduced this paragraph rewriter to me, and guess what, now I can create super-quality content myself. I am highly grateful to the developers of this tool for providing us a great service free of any cost.

testimnialSmith Martin


By profession, I am a webmaster who has to post 4,5 articles on my site daily. I found it really hard to make efforts on writing content and manage all other important tasks myself. The financial shortfalls made it impossible for me to hire a professional writer. It was real chaos until I came to know about this sentence rephraser. And now, this is my best partner in handling my content-related issues.

testimnialBrian Richard

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