Cutting-Edge Characteristics Of A Plagiarism Checker

By Marym Date: July 8, 2019

Internet is a vast place where more than a billion websites reside, and amongst them, there are people who commit the sin of plagiarism on their sites. It is difficult to find websites, which are developing such scenarios. Businesses that try to rank based on their research, when their work is taken away by some newly constructed website (Scrappers), it might outrank them with the content they generated. To locate such occurrences, the assistance of a plagiarism checker is a must. These events can be avoided if you regularly keep an eye on the material of your website and contact people who are trying to take credits that belong to you. 

The material includes images, videos, and text, all of these hold significant importance in their roles, but as far as the text part is concerned, it covers more than seventy percent of the optimization of a website. The content of your site is vulnerable, not in a sense that anyone can get into your servers but in a way that anyone and I mean anyone can copy, paraphrase the material posted on your website. There are already several competitors waiting online, you will be competing with, and if your content holds vital substance then make sure to use these advanced features of our free plagiarism checker.

People try to check plagiarism with the aid of search engines. They have to move from one search engine to the other in order to go through their databases and learn about how many sites are using their material. There are other massive databases that you don’t go through, and with the support of an online tool, you won’t even need to move from one search engines to the other to look for similar articles. All the search engines and other database are a part of the plagiarism detector, which means any of the materials you add in it will be taken through all the databanks for better results.

  • Highlights The Exact Match 

Copyright checker highlighst the sentences or paragraphs that exactly matches the original. In this manner, people (without going through the whole article) can check, which part of their work became a victim of imitation. Also, the best free plagiarism checker talk in percentages, means it lets you know the exact portion of duplicate content. Various universities today are utilizing this method to check for plagiarism in the papers and assignments, they have set a percentage which must not exceed, and if it does, these tasks get rejected immediately.

  • Acknowledges You Of Your Ability

If you are a writer, you can utilize a plagiarism detector tool to learn about your article spinning abilities. People can check where they made a mistake while paraphrasing an article. Also, it is essential to let your content go through a plagiarism software to avoid any of its two types. One of which is accidental, it mostly occurs while re-writing an article and there is also a rare case where you write content by yourself, and it inadvertently matches to the few sentences of different websites.

Grammar checker as the name denotes looks for grammatical errors. This error handler assists in finding and removing additional quotation marks, commas, and more. It also enables you to find and add more to your sentence structure. For example, double quotes, inverted commas, and suggests synonyms if the same word appears again in one sentence. 

Word counter, on the other hand, counts the number of words in the entire article, or paragraphs. In case you are short with words, it enables you to stretch your sentences, by allowing you to keep a record of your numbers with every word you type. Grammar corrector and character counter are an essential part of an article. Without that, it is tough to produce error-free content. No matter how much of an expert you are, at some point, you will make a slip in grammar because no one can follow the rules while covering a specific topic.

These were a few of the advanced features of a free plagiarism checker, you can at any time now, generate content that is free from mistakes. Furthermore, the tool informs you of the character count as well, so whenever you are writing short descriptions for a website like meta descriptions or application descriptions, you will be able to keep a count of characters to reach the letter limit.